Valley View Dance Star 2075

Valley View Dance Star 2075


Name Entry & Songs Submission:         Wednesday, Shrawan 23, 2075   

First Selection Round:                          Friday, Shrawan 25, 2075

Second Selection Round:                      Friday, Bhadra 01, 2075

Grand Finale:                                       Monday, Bhadra 18, 2075




  • The title winners of the previous Valley View Dance Star cannot take part in this event.


  • The songs of dancers for the First Selection Round must be maximum of 1 minute 30 second and the Final Selection Roundmust be of 2 minutes.


  • Participant Dancers are not allowed to use any out dresses in the First Selection Round.


  • Selected dancers from the first selection round are allowed to wear the dress according to the theme of song. So the dancers can manage their dress accordingly.


  • The final decision regarding this great event in any circumstances will be under School Management