Primary School

Primary School


The school provides 'A' grade- education based on standard curriculum, consistent with the individual academic capabilities and personal and social needs of each student. Periodical exams, assignments and project works are carried out as the regular activities to ensure required progress under strict supervision of the trained faculties. Field trips, project works, and lab works that combine academic activities with real-life learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth make a combined whole of special learning experiences at VVES.


Students are expected to maintain school code of conduct. Violation  of school rules may result in disciplinary action. "Behavior Referral Form" is issued to be signed by the parents or guardians and returned to the school. The motto of disciplinary action is to reform the characters of students in order to make him/her a citizen with positive attitude.


Summative evaluation is adopted to decide the grade of the students and term as well as unit wise formative evaluation is administered to diagnose the problems. Each child's profile is maintained and referred to parents in all testing periods. Monthly tests are administered and reported to the guardian with details of performance and academic advice needed to the ward. Question papers are designed in both subjective and objective sets. Creative works and presentations are encouraged in evaluation. 


Counselors and experienced teachers meet individually with students facing with emotional problems in finding their potentials to help them identify their problems and work towards finding solutions. The school offers childcare after school from 3:30 to 6:00 pm to be registered as per the need. During this time students receive assistance for doing their home assignment and also get an opportunity to participate in many self-enriching activities.


Students can get involved in publishing and producing school newsletter, student governance, and community service projects. Special interests also bring groups together through Science, Computers, Environmental awareness, Social issues, Art, Literature, Music, Dramas, Outings, Sports, Electronic and Non Electronic media performances and more...


Our most effective form of communication is the parent-teacher meeting. Such meetings are regularly held during the academic year. In addition to regular meetings, parents can contact the school at least a day in advance and the arrangement can hp made if they want a special meeting with the faculties, counselor, vice principal or principal regarding exam result, students progress in studies and other general concerns.