Co-curricular activities

Students at valley view English school are guaranteed opportunity to participate in many self-enriching activities. They are facilitated to get involved in different co-curricular activities that makes up with their interest and capabilities for personality development. The major activities carried out throughout the year in different levels are:

 -Subject-wise project works

  Subject and level wise project are conducted jointly by teachers and students to broaden and develop their knowledge and creativity. The subject related project are designed to meet the requirements that supplement practical aspect of learning in a subject.

 -Holiday activities

  Mainly the creative assignment such as report writing, practice exercise and project writing works are distributed to the students of all level in long holidays to keep them in tact with their study. In addition, intensive training on hand writing, survey work and other welfare work service are carried out occasionally.

 -Camp activities

Winter camps for Play Group to Grade VI in case of long winter vacation and camp visit for Grade VII to IX are arranged once in a year to enhance their skills.

 -Longs tour

  A long tour of three to five days is schedule for the senior students especially eight (VII) and ten (X) grade students to the place of historic importance as a part of social studies project work.

 -Day long excursion

  All the classes at VVES from PG (play group) to grade ten are taken in historic or religious place based on thematic study for junior classes and as a part of social studies project work for senior students.

 -Zoo and Botanical garden visit

  The Montessori and primary kids frequently visit zoo and botanical garden to get a practical exposure in their theme based study under the Montessori frame of learning.

 -Dramatic and exposure visit

  Visit is scheduled for the student of different level to different theatres such as National drama theatre, Russian Theatre and other theatre house for competition and complimentary performance.

 -Students club and the activities

  Supported and guided by teachers, students get involved in various clubs. They conduct as well as participate in various curricular and

Co-curricular activities from which they develop leadership quality and quality accomplish task in teamwork. The scholars at VVES are found rightly growing in confidence to organize various programs inside or outside the school with perfection and precision. The student-club at VVES are given below.

         -Science club                    -Nature club

         -Dance club                      -music club

         - Art and Craft club           -IT club etc….

 -Workshop and refresher programs

 Orientation and subject relevant and theme based workshop are organized at the beginning of the session, and sometimes in the mid-session. The programs invites participation of students, teachers and parents, which helps to share contemporary information and knowledge through paper presentation.

 -Language proficiency development programs

  International language proficiency development related activities, specifically English and Chinese language have been endorsed in the main stream curriculum of VVES. The language development project stated here is treated as the supplementary curricular activity.

 -Social work

  The secondary levels students are assigned a project aiming to instill job skills and working culture. Through this program, students receive orientation on preparing curriculum vitae (CV) using official language required as a preliminary skill for job career. Selected students are granted opportunity for on-job training under the supervision of department head or coordination of the concerned organization.

 -Inter house competition

  To meet the learning need and develop confidence in public speaking, apart from a number of personality development activities, VVES organizes competitions on regular basic. Following are some specific competition:

       -Elocution competition             -Public speaking contest                               

        -Debates competition               -Essay writing contest

        -Football competition              -Badminton competition 

        -General knowledge contest         -Table tennis competition 

        -Poem Recitation competition etc.

 -Day celebration

  To bring cultural and social awareness among students, the following days and festivals are celebrated on different occasions.

                -Parents day celebration

                -Teachers day celebration

                -Saraswoti Pooja celebration

                - Martyrs day celebration

                - World population day celebration

                -Christmas celebration

                - World environment day celebration

 -Inter school competition

  Inter school poem recitation on the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti and inter school basketball competition are held every year. On the day of Bhanu Jayanti, one senior litterateur is honored every year. Large numbers of students get an exposure in inter school quiz competition held at VVES and other concerns.

 -School magazine publication

  A school magazine titled ‘Arohan’ is published every year that incorporates creative writings of students, teachers and school administrators both in Nepal and English.