Curricular activities

Curricular activities at Valley View English School are given a key place to develop academic intellectual ability of children so that they will be able to complete in national and international examinations for further study and carrier. The model of conducting academic activities to achieve the main objectives of the school includes the following features:

 Teaching Faculty

VVES applauses the most dignified position due to highly competent and professional faculties working full time to ensure themselves as the best work force to be ranked among a few. The teaching force of the school is mobilized very successful to equip our learning scholars with the requisite skills and knowledge as well as the values and attitudes to ensure their survival and success and individuals, and as members of the community, and as citizens of our nation.

Teaching Approach

The teaching approach at Valley View is child centered. The school provides ‘A’ grade-education based on standard curriculum, consistent with the individual academic capabilities and personal and social needs of each student. Periodical exams, assignments and subject wise project works are carried out as the regular activities to ensure required progress under strict supervision of the trained faculties. Field trips, educational excursions and lab works that combine academic activities with real-life learning experiences and opportunities for personal growth make a combined whole of special learning experiences at VVES.

Evaluation and Assessment

Summative evaluation is adopted to decide class promotion of students and term as well as unit evaluation is administered to diagnose the problems as a part of formative evaluation. Each child’s profile is maintained and referred to parents after all mentioned test exams. Monthly tests are administrated and reported to the guardians with details of performance and academic advice needed to their ward. Question papers are designed in both subjective and objective sets. Creative works and presentations are endorsed as supplementary aspects of evaluation.


Students are expected to maintain school code of conduct. Violation of school rules may result in disciplinary action. “Behavior Referral Form” is issued to be signed by the parents or guardians and returned to the school. The motto of disciplinary action is to reform the character in a student in order that helps converting into a civic member having positive attitude.

 Counseling Program

 Counselors and experienced teacher meet individually time and often with students facing emotional problems in finding their potentials to help them identify their problems and works towards finding solutions.

 School/Home Communication

 Our most effective form of communication is the parent-teacher meeting. Such meetings are regularly held at various occasions during the academic year. In addition, parents can contact the school at least a day in advance and the arrangement can be made if they want a special meeting with the faculties, coordinators, vice principal or principal regarding exam results, students’ progress in studies and other general concerns.